The Word

Hildegard II, relic,, 5x5x16 cm; in Plexiglass cube 80x80x80 cm, 2014
Bastone II (Veilige Paden); wood, mirror, acrilic paint, paper, perspex; 120x30x9 cm,2012
Urna II, relic, 2013; pottery, sand, acrilic paint; 24×14 cm
Divino Amore Relic, 18×6 cm, 2014,
Volto Spavento (o Cristo Spavento), 70×100 cm 2011

Meaningful words on relics or relics with meaningful words.
Like the representation of a piece of paper with a part of a chant of the 12th century composer Hildegard of Bingen (Hildegard II) , shown in a transparant box, uncovering Hildegard’s text.