Little drawings on a daily basis: Shreds

For years you have drawn a little portrait on a daily basis in little sketchbooks. Do you still do this?

That little portraits on a fixed seize, no more. However, I still make a daily thumbnail image, in addition to my other work. So, the Act of drawing becomes a daily ritual. The subject runs parallel with my larger work or it’s going to be a private route.
The series consist of seven to twelve small drawings based on one picture. While working to the theme Conceived Landscape, I notice that I often use landscapes as the basis for the drawings. Without intent.

About Heaven and Earth

About Heaven and Earth, a relic from a pilgrimage

A transparent (glass) urn containing a pending transparent (perspex) sphere. The small sphere contains soil of the Sanctuary of Scherpenheuvel / Montaigu in Belgium. In the small sphere contains also six photos fixed with gold wire: The documentation of the stay in Scherpenheuvel. Photos show a hand that shows the soil, Our Lady of Scherpenheuvel and a statue of Albrecht and Isabella, important supporters of the Sanctuary. The bottom of the urn is painted red with the word ‘ Earth ‘, the top edge is blue, with the word ‘ heaven ‘. These two words are the two poles that are important for the pilgrimage. After all the pilgrim moves over the Earth to an earthly goal with the purpose to see heaven.
Sphere and cross. The sphere hangs from a cross formed from two twigs of olive wood. The sphere is traditionally symbolic of heaven. The combination with a cross (such as the two twigs can be conceived) can stand for ‘ faith ‘. As a emblema shows: “the very large universe can be shown into something quite small … “, text with a picture of an angel that holds a cross for a sphere.  (From the emblem book “Holy symbols of faith, hope and love from 1636, E. de Jongh in Simiolus, 1975).

About Vision I, the writings of Hildegard von Bingen

A vision is a revelation or a disclosure. The transparency of the box refers to this.
The paper with the text is rolled up and so does not read, it remains mysterious.

Text in red, background blue. The text roll recalls old times, for example the Roman culture. The box with with gold wire recalls  a relic like that thousand years ago.

Text Hildegard von Bingen:

O Pastor Animarum
O pastor animarum, et o prima vox
per quam omnes creati sumus,
nunc tibi, tibi placeat,
ut digneris nos liberare
de miseriis et languoribus nostris.

(Translation t in English: O shepherd of souls and o first voice / through whom all creation was summoned, / now to you, / to you may it give pleasure and to liberate us dignity / from our miseries on languishing ..)

Hildegard von Bingen was born on 16 september in 1098 in Alzey, entered at the age of 8 at the abbey of Disibodenberg. She founded a monastery at the Rupertsberg in 1147. In 2012 is Hildegard was canonized and appointed doctor of the universal Church.